The moment the roof flew in the storm in Ankara is on camera
The moment the roof flew in the storm in Ankara is on camera Strong winds and showers were effective in the capital yesterday afternoon. Due to the storm, roofs were blown off, minarets of mosques were destroyed, and many vehicles were damaged. During the downpour and storm that hit Ankara in the afternoon, a piece of the roof of a building was thrown away. The minaret of the Etimesgut Central Mosque, which was hit by the fragment, was destroyed. Meanwhile, a passerby was injured when he was hit by one of the skidding pieces. It was learned that the injured woman was taken to the hospital. Surrounding vehicles were also damaged, while security measures were taken by municipal teams around the mosque. Items from the balcony flew into the parking lot Due to the storm, the roof of a store on Istanbul Road was blown off. Materials torn from the roof caused material damage to the roof of the building next door. In the Green Bağlıca Site, the roof flew under the influence of the wind, the parts of which damaged the parked vehicles. In addition, the residents' belongings on the balcony fell into the parking area due to the impact of the storm. Residents tried to collect pieces of the roof. The storm destroyed the minaret of the mosque on Çayyolu The Çayyolu Hacı İbrahim Aydın Mosque collapsed around 4:45 p.m. after failing to withstand the severe storm, while other parts of the prayer hall were also damaged. Meanwhile, one person in the mosque escaped unscathed.

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