Twitter Video Duration
Twitter Video Duration Millions of people around the world use the video sharing site twitter. People take videos for hobby purposes and to make money and upload them to twitter. Due to Twitter's video upload policy, videos with high video duration or low video duration are prohibited from being uploaded to twitter. People pay particular attention to video duration when uploading videos to twitter. For example, Twitter has banned the uploading of 1-second videos or blocked the uploading of videos exceeding 10 hours. Most video sharing platforms don't have much of an issue with video duration. The user can upload videos as long as he wants. However, for video sites operating worldwide, video duration is very important both to protect user rights and to maintain the quality of the website. To give you an example for Twitter video duration. Let's imagine that a family shoots a video at a picnic. Even for this family, twitter video duration is very important. So much so that a video duration of 5 minutes may not be enough. For this, if the person who shot the video intends to upload the video to twitter, he has to set the most appropriate twitter video duration. If the Twitter video duration is not set by the person, there is not much trouble, but the Twitter video duration is very important to ensure the desired quality in the video.

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