Construction of permanent housing for earthquake victims continues in Kilis
Construction of permanent housing for earthquake victims continues in Kilis In Kilis, which was affected by the earthquakes on February 6 based in Kahramanmaraş, the rough construction of 2 blocks of permanent housing for disaster victims has come to an end. The construction of 645 houses consisting of 31 blocks to be built in Kilis by the Mass Housing Administration (TOKİ) affiliated to the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change is continuing. The rough construction of 2 blocks in the houses planned as ground plus 3 and 4 floors in Atatürk Neighborhood has come to an end. An open parking lot with a capacity of 506 vehicles, 40 of which will be for the disabled, will be built in the area where the houses are located. Ziya Alpay, one of the civil engineers of the project, said that they hit the first bucket on March 3 with the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and that the construction of 31 blocks was continuing. Alpay stated that 2 blocks were raised and the foundations of 6 blocks were laid. Pointing out that the works continue rapidly with 12 crawler buckets and 12 trucks, Alpay said, "We currently have about 100 personnel. Our work continues day and night. We work 7 days a week." The first stage will end on December 24 Alpay stated that they plan to pour about 450 cubic meters of concrete every day and aim to finish the first stage on December 24. Referring to the materials they use in the houses, Alpay said, "Our concrete class is C30, tunnel formwork. So all the floors are concrete. Only on the front sides there are bims (a kind of building material). Our ground is already rock." Stating that the works for the 2nd stage of the houses to be built for the earthquake victims have started, Alpay gave the following information: "Another 1098 houses will be built. It consists of 2 islands. Its road works are also underway, it will be completed within a year. We started in May, hopefully it will be delivered in May 2024. In the coming days, our first foundation will be laid. When this place is completed, it will be 91 blocks, 1743 houses."

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