Out of control vehicle enters tram road in Konya 3 injured
Out of control vehicle enters tram road in Konya 3 injured In Konya, the light commercial vehicle in which the driver lost control of the steering wheel entered the tram road. 3 people in the vehicle were injured in the accident. The light commercial vehicle under the direction of A.K., which was traveling from the direction of the shoemakers to the industrial direction, broke the railing bars and entered the tramway as a result of the driver's loss of steering control due to speed and carelessness. Medical, fire and police teams were dispatched to the scene upon notification of the accident. In the accident, the driver A.K., .A.S. and S.E., who were trapped in the vehicle, were injured. In the accident where tram services were disrupted, police teams controlled the flow of traffic on the street. The injured people, who were taken out of the vehicle by the fire brigade teams, were taken to the hospital by ambulances and treated after the first intervention of the medical teams. While it was learned that the injured were in good health, an investigation into the accident was launched.

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