Turkey advances to world leadership in trout production
Turkey advances to world leadership in trout production The increase in agricultural fish production in recent years has brought Turkey to the top. In trout production, Turkey has become the world's second largest producer after Iran. 2022 production exceeded 190 thousand tons. Turkey alone produces 16 percent of the world's trout. The investments and incentives made in farm fishing in recent years are taking Turkey to the top step by step in trout production. In trout farming, which is included in aquaculture, especially Rainbow Trout production has become widespread in Turkey. According to the data of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, trout production, which was 134 thousand 174 tons in 2021, exceeded 190 thousand tons in 2022. In other trout species, a total of one thousand 603 tons of production was made in 2021, including 45 thousand tons in the seas. Turkey Ranks Second According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) 2022 cultivation data, Turkey has become the second largest trout producer after Iran. The most intensive trout production in Turkey is carried out in Elazığ, Muğla and Samsun. About half of the production in regions with a cold water environment is consumed in the domestic market. The remaining half is exported. In 2022, 69 thousand 380 tons of trout were exported and $ 451 million in revenue was generated.

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