The ongoing downpour and strong winds in Ankara have adversely affected life
The ongoing downpour and strong winds in Ankara have adversely affected life The torrential and strong winds that continued throughout Ankara had a negative impact on life. Due to the storm, the roofs of some buildings were blown off, while the minarets of mosques were destroyed. During the downpour and storm that hit Ankara in the afternoon, a piece of the roof of a building was thrown away. The minaret of the Etimesgut Central Mosque, which was hit by the fragment, was destroyed. Meanwhile, a passerby was injured when he was hit by one of the skidding pieces. It was learned that the injured woman was taken to the hospital. Surrounding vehicles were also damaged, while security measures were taken by municipal teams around the mosque. Shopkeeper Adem Karakaş said, "The terrace of the neighboring building exploded. He split in two and flew. When it split in two, half of it hit the minaret of the mosque and half of it hit an old lady who was passing by on the road here. We called an ambulance and sent it. His condition was severe." Due to the storm, the roof sheet of a store on Istanbul Road was also blown off. Materials torn from the roof caused material damage to the roof of the building next door. Warning from the Governor's Office The Ankara Governor's Office warned against the negativities that may occur due to rain and wind. In the statement, it was stated that local and strong downpours and thunderstorms were expected in Nallıhan, Beypazarı, Güdül, Kızılcahamam, Çamlıdere, Çubuk, Kalecik districts and asked to be careful against sudden floods and floods.

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