The landing gear of the plane which had to land was torn off
The landing gear of the plane which had to land was torn off While carrying out the Dubai-Luxembourg flight, the landing gear of the aircraft, which had to make an emergency landing as a result of a technical failure, was broken. While the pilots bypassed the runway due to the wheels breaking on the first attempt, the second attempt landed safely. The pilots of the Boing 747 cargo plane belonging to the Cargolux company went into an emergency landing situation due to the failure of its left engine while landing in Luxembourg. However, when the plane made an emergency landing, the runway was bypassed after the plane's landing gear broke off on the first attempt. The pilots were able to land the plane on the runway with difficulty on the second attempt. FIRST INSPECTIONS STARTED ON BOARD While there were no deaths or injuries in the accident, which was returned from the brink of disaster, the statement made by the Cargolux company was as follows: "The Boing 747 type cargo plane on the Dubai-Luxembourg flight was landed on the runway by the pilots in accordance with the emergency landing procedure due to technical problems in the air." It is learned that the first investigations on the plane related to the accident have been initiated.

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