Earthquake victims in Tekirdag were instructed to leave the hotels
Earthquake victims in Tekirdag were instructed to leave the hotels All of Turkey mobilized for the earthquake victims who survived the disaster of the century. Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality was among those who opened their doors to guests after the earthquake. However, after the May 14 election, earthquake victims were notified to evacuate the hotels. More than 50 thousand people lost their lives in the catastrophe of the century. Millions of people were unable to enter their homes. A helping hand reached out to those who were left without a home from all over Turkey. Some of them were placed in the facilities in the province by the Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality. An agreement was made to host earthquake victims in hotels until August 13, 2023. However, after the elections, Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality sent a notification to the disaster victims. Hotels have been ordered to evacuate by May 21. So the earthquake victims were puzzled what to do. Earthquake victims collapsed for the second time Earthquake victim Betül Erikçi, who said that they came to Tekirdağ immediately after the earthquake, said: "The Metropolitan Municipality has placed us in various hotels in the town of Kumbağa in Tekirdağ. However, fortunately, today two officials from the municipality came, and on the 21st of the month, that is, 5 days later, within 5 days, they hung the following declaration on our wall to prepare and leave the hotels. Of course, we panicked when the children were miserable. They said there is no explanation, go to AFAD. That is the written document of saying go to us... Let me be clear, the written document that we were fired and this was not before the election, they came to us in this way 2 days after the election." Earthquake victim Fadime Taşçı said, "Everything was very nice at first, they welcomed us very nicely. I went to the hospital today. I am unwell, I am an oncology patient. I came, the friends said, 'They're taking us out, okay, everything is very nice.' I thought they were joking, so I came and looked at the article and I was shocked."

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